Overcoming Overwhelm

Overwhelm is normal; it’s something we all get from time to time. Whether you are setting yourself unrealistic expectations or having to deal with a lot of excess noise in the background, there’s something you can do about it.

Let me guess, you have probably tried multiple strategies to reduce this energy-draining feeling, such as meditation, exercise or getting more sleep. Did any of these solve the problem? I’m guessing not, seen as you’re reading this. The problem is, not everyone responds to overwhelm as positively as they should be. Instead, you feel like paper being burnt in a fire, getting smaller and wanting to disappear as every overwhelming minute is passing. Does that sound familiar?


What if I told you that overwhelm was good for you?

Take Olympic runners as an example- they have been putting in thousands of hours to become the best runners from a very young age. And then you’ve finally made it to the championship- you are fully aware that this may be your only chance to take home an Olympic medal. If that’s not enough, you remind yourself that there are factors out of your control that could significantly impair your performance- bad luck and injuries.

The good news is, without this pressure, Olympic runners wouldn’t perform as well compared to if there was no pressure. They are aware that the overwhelm they are feeling is preparing their body to perform at the highest level, helping them to achieve greater success. Isn’t that what you want to achieve in your business? Without overwhelm, you can’t be successful. Next time instead of allowing overwhelm to bury you, embrace the uncomfortable feeling and acknowledge that you are growing.

But of course, everyone experiences overwhelm differently. When overwhelm excessively affects you, that’s when it feels like there’s too much to handle. This is when you take action.

Follow these simple tips to restore overwhelm to a level that will help you succeed:

1) Investing your time in self-growth resources- knowledge is power only if you act on it. Why not take the time to increase your self-awareness and learn how to become more resilient when dealing with stress? In my leadership seizure webinar, I discuss how pressure can be used as a tool and describe behaviours of high performers you can easily incorporate.

2) Take a break- according to the Harvard Business Review, brief breaks during idea formation can increase the variety of ideas generated. Similarly, when you are struggling to form a good idea and temporarily switch to a different task, going back to the original one will help increase your focus and motivation

3) Prioritize-perhaps the 50 tasks you have set yourself to complete in a day is what is killing your motivation. When you set your daily plan, ask yourself, ‘does this task need to be done today?’ and ‘if it needs to be done, do I need to do it myself?’. There are probably some things you don’t have to do right now. Give the less important tasks attention later.

What is important to you now is to achieve such great results you will be smiling with overwhelm. If you would like to connect with similar action-minded and determined entrepreneurs, why not join our Facebook tribe where we are building 10,000 obscenely great businesses

Unlock your true potential.