Why Commit to Coaching?

In a relationship, there needs to be a commitment from both sides. The fact is the right coach will always be committed to you.  If that commitment isn’t reciprocal coaching won’t work. To commit to coaching is having the confidence that coaching is for you and making a commitment in you. You have to want coaching. Now, if at this stage you are asking the question, ‘why commit to coaching’? We should first establish what it is you are seeking to achieve and if coaching is right for you. Only then will you be able to answer the question.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is about development and improvement. It’s about nurturing a growth mindset about striving to achieve more. Essentially about working to be the very best version of you and what that looks like as success in your business or role. That’s why coaching plays a significant role in the pursuits of excellence in sports, the arts and at the executive level in large corporations. It’s ultimately about achieving the highest in performance through unlocking potential and developing people.

Most importantly coaching offers a platform for learning and to develop not only yourself but also your team. It offers a sustainable and resilient process towards your definition of success. Most importantly a great coach will offer you open and transparent insight. They will tell you as it is. They will be your confidant, the person to turn to. To run ideas past, to seek guidance and support. They will be your guide as you develop your future and strive toward your dream.

 The Dream

Interestingly your coach will challenge you to dream. To dream of what could be, what you truly seek to achieve. But, they will challenge you to think big, go beyond what you believe can be achieved. Now that’s not right for many because they are stuck in ‘reality’. The point is reality is what you make it and life is the journey you follow to achieve your reality. Your coach will support you in determining the direction and milestones you’ll need to take to achieve your goal. They will seek to stretch you while keeping you true to your journey and your dream.

If you don’t have or believe in dreaming then right now coaching isn’t for you because you wouldn’t make a commitment to yourself. You wouldn’t believe in yourself. In fact, you will be the one getting in your own way. For many it’s this fact that needs to be uncovered, because there is a likelihood that right now you are unaware that you are the problem. If that’s the case go and find a coach and have a coaching session with them. You’ll soon establish if you are holding you back. Bottom line let yourself off the hook, life is too short to not have a dream of what you truly want to achieve. Let’s face it you only have one chance at this life.

The Goals

Then there is the journey you need to commit to in order to pursue your dream. How do you make it a reality? Looking at where you want to get to will result in setting goals for the long term and then the small goals you’ll need to achieve along the journey. Committing to your journey is one thing, staying the course is another. Right now do you have the discipline to remain on track? Here again,  a commitment to coaching is in fact a commitment to the journey towards your dream.


Now dreams don’t generally just happen and goals aren’t miraculously achieved. In order to bridge the gap between your dream and your goals, you’ll also need to focus on learning. Currently what’s your commitment to learning? Would you be happy to establish a learning agenda? Once this is certain your coach will require you to be committed to learning. If that’s not the case then you likely need a consultant.


A key factor of commitment with acquired knowledge is the wisdom of application. Putting that knowledge, your knowledge to work. It is here you need to have a high commitment to planning and execution.  Knowledge with action is merely wishful thinking. So having the commitment to setting a plan in motion requires a high commitment and personal discipline to see it through to completion. Coaching keeps you on track and committed to your plan.


The final commitment is to the high-level quality actions and activity you will be required to do. You will need to have a commitment to the actions, activities and decisions you are going to need to make. This will require a strong sense of purpose, direction and determination to what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by. Through engaging with a coach and the coaching process you will be held to account. You will have to set your agenda and agree on it with your coach. Your coach will probably challenge you to go that bit further, not letting you off the hook with the course of least resistance.

Am I Committed?

It’s not a question of ‘why to commit to coaching’ rather one of ‘could I commit to coaching?’ Engaging with a great coach will unlock your potential, improve your performance and stretch your ability.  If you are truly committed to living the life of your dreams then committing to coaching is a logical next step. Why Commit? Only you know the answer to that question.

Now there’s a challenging thought!