Can you guarantee coaching?

This is a fascinating question because there is an oxymoron when we ask this question. A guarantee for coaching essentially suggests that results can be guaranteed, which is both true and false.


To guarantee coaching what you’re saying is that we can guarantee that the coachee will complete the activities, tasks the goals and make the commitment necessary to make their shift. Which a coach can’t guarantee with any certainty. We are all human and we all respond differently to different situations. So in this instance, it’s a false claim to be able to guarantee coaching.


That said in our business we do guarantee the results from coaching so long as there is a commitment from the coachee. From here through coaching we can hold the coachee accountable to the tasks, actions, goals and commitments that they agree. The reality of this guarantee is one where the coach has to have a firm handle on what is to be achieved and being achieved. The coach has to have the confidence to call the coachee to account.

In my experience as a professional coach I am more than happy with this guarantee of coaching. A professional coach will by virtue of their experience naturally call the coachee to account when they don’t achieve what has been agreed. They will be able to determine what’s getting in the way slowing them down and help them work through. Ultimately shifting focus or going on to achieve what was agreed.

Interestingly it is here the guarantee comes into play because of the level of expectation from the coachee. They will know if they aren’t performing and allowing distraction to get in the way that they will be called to account. Where this becomes untenable with continued lack of commitment, then the guarantee becomes invalid and the coachee gets sacked. Now whilst that may sound a little harsh a coach worth their salt will not accept mediocracy from the coachee. After all, they took the coach on to make a difference.

As a professional coach, I am quite confident to guarantee coaching. here is our coaching agreement:

The coaching we deliver to you; the investment you make will self-fund or we give you your money back.

That is if the amount that you have increased in gross profit after 6 months is not equal to, or higher, than the investment you have made in business coaching, then we will pay you the differential to ensure that you only experience an upside to working with us.

 You don’t benefit, you don’t pay. We do.

 Our coaching programs have been tested and proven on a global scale. As long as you make the good-faith effort, do all the required work assigned to you and agreed by you, attend coaching sessions, events and workshops and complete your committed decisions and assignments by the agreed-upon dates – you will see your business improve.

 We really are that confident in our approach to coaching and our systems. We’ve seen it work on countless occasions; we know it can be done. All you need to do is get up and do it.

 You literally have nothing to lose, and everything to gain taking your business from good to great.

 With this 6-month guarantee, the worst that could happen is that you end up increasing your profits just enough to pay for your business coaching. Because even if you don’t end up increasing that much, we’ll give you the extra bit to make up for it.

 In other words, the worst that could happen is that you still receive the same amount of profit in your pocket you always have, plus you will have gained advice, coaching and business material from us and become a better leader and entrepreneur.

 And the best that can happen is that you make loads more profit, have way more free time and come out with a well-oiled business machine led by the new you – a trailblazer in business.

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