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Being in an executive position often results in significant isolation. As a leader responsibility resides with you. It may seem you have to have all the answers, need to be giving all the direction and responsibility lies with you alone. How do you meet expectations, get the most out of your people, lead? The right executive coach will be your confidant, your trusted friend who will tell you as it is. They will challenge you and stretch your comfort zone. Executive coaching will unlock your potential, beliefs, and leadership, which in turn will have a dramatic impact on your organisation. It is often the case that executives have a limited realisation of just the impact they have and can have in the organisation. Our responsibility as your executive coach is to raise your awareness and to encourage you take responsibility in your role, but more importantly that your people truly understand their roles and responsibility. We’ll stop you from doing employee work and start leading.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executives and professionals who we coach are already at the top of their game, with a drive to be the best version of themselves. Just like an elite athlete looks to a coach to be held accountable for certain performance standards to “push the boundaries” and get better results, more executives and professionals are turning to an Executive Coach for the strategies, advice, and mentorship to boost their performance and deliver winning results to their organisations. We help you excel by offering additional insights and new perspectives, guide your productivity by linking performance to key metrics and objectives. We seek to accelerate your success while helping you devise strategic programmes, explore your own strengths, apply your own ideas and ultimately leverage your unique contributions to your people and organisation.

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The only true way to assess if executive coaching is for you is to book a session. Only then will you know if it is right for you, and you are a good fit to be coached.

Not All Executive Coaches Are Equal

In order for you to commit to executive coaching, there are certain criteria we believe needs to be met. These are a prerequisite to any executives we coach. Executive coaching is an individually tailored and bespoke relationship and as such the ground rules need to be clear from the beginning.

We have to be the right coach for you

We don’t coach ‘just anyone’. If we are to take on the privileged role as your executive coach then we must ensure we are the right coach for you. Only you will be able to answer this, and it’s why we offer an initial coaching session on us. The only way you’ll establish if we are right for you is to experience first hand a coaching session.

You have to be coachable

Coachability is absolutely critical, otherwise, there is no sense in coaching. It means you have to be open to another way, to being challenged, to agreeing to complete goals. Essentially to do what you say you will do in the timeframe agreed to do it. Sounds easy. This is where you’ll have to repeatedly step out of your comfort zone. You’ll be very used to challenging your team in this manner, the point here is your ability to do the same. The outcome will have a significant positive impact on your organisation, people, and the bottom line.

We agree what the outcome needs to be

Let’s be really clear here. We are not interested in becoming best buddies. When you take us on as your executive coach it’s about realising true potential, it’s about engaging your team and improving responsibility and ultimately the growth of the organisation. Through executive coaching, we will need to establish what you seek as an outcome. Interestingly if that’s something of an enigma at the moment, it’s the other reason we offer a complimentary executive coaching session. It’s more often than not the first time you will gain clarity on what you seek to achieve.

It’s OK to say no

At the end of the complimentary coaching session, it’s ok to say no. That we or coaching is not for you. We assure you we will be equally honest. In short, the simplest and most effective way to determine if coaching is going to be right for you is to book in a session.


Schedule your first Executive Session

The only true way to assess if executive coaching is for you is to book a session. Only then will you know if it is right for you, and you are a good fit to be coached.

Organisational Health

Have you ever experienced being in an organisation that doesn’t seem to have cohesion, it doesn’t function in alignment, there are department and interpersonal cilos, maybe even a ‘them and us’ culture? Communication is weak and often revolves around the water cooler meetings and chinese whispers. Then you will have insight into unhealthy organisations. It may be that’s where you are right now.

Organisational health is simply that healthy, functioning, aligned, well managed and led organisations. There is a high-level cohesiveness within the leadership team and clear passages of communication throughout the entire organisation. One key to organisational health is an investment in their executives to develop, inspire and unlock in their potential.

Executive coaching where it fits …

You find healthy organisations invest in their executive leadership and realise the potential they have in developing the opportunities for organisational growth going forward. leadership cohesion being one of the most significant aspects of organisational health hinges on high-level performance from its executives in their roles and execution as leaders.

The purpose of executive coaching within organisations is the continual pursuit of excellence. Unlocking the potential of executives creating high-level cohesive behaviours in the boardroom will result in high-level productivity and efficiencies throughout the wider organisation. Communication will flow and you will find that even at the lowest operating level within an organisation the message will be clear, the culture will be internalised and the team will be thoroughly engaged. You will have introduced organisation health as a concept and pursuit.

Executive coaching expectations …

Through coaching, the executive will have the behaviours to positively impact and contribute to organisational health through:

  1. Strong Leadership. They will receive leadership coaching and mentoring in order to create a far greater effective outcome throughout the organisation. One of the key factors of strong leadership is the measurable outcomes the organisation can achieve.
  2. The Strategic Mindset. The coach will assist the executive in the development of strategic thinking. Ensuring the long term health and vision of the organisation is always at the forefront of the executive’s mind. Taking lessons and experience from the past, focusing on the infinite opportunities of the future is where an executive will have a significant impact around the boardroom table and ultimately organisational health and sustainability.
  3. High-Performance. Through executive coaching, the true potential of an individual will be unlocked resulting  with increased outputs and efficiency both in themselves and the team. Being a high-performing executive and leading high-performance teams are the core of any healthy organisation.
  4. Personal Clarity and Self-Reflection. One of the key aspects of executive coaching is encouraging and challenging the executive to hold the mirror up. Personal development is a fundamental output of executive coaching. Within the boardroom, a personal drive to always turn up marginally better than you did yesterday can have a massive positive impact on the organisation.
  5. Clarity in Communication. Being able to communicate with utter clarity at all levels is absolutely non-negotiable at the executive level. Getting the message wrong at any point can have dire consequences. The executive is coached on the abilities to communicate effectively and understanding the priority that listening takes over speaking.

Stepping into it, an executive coaching relationship can be challenging and indeed scary for any executive. It can seem a sign of weakness to those from the outside looking in. The point with executive coaching is recognising the impact that you could have on organisational health and the importance you place on your ability to contribute within the organisation is significant.

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