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The Keys to Employee Engagement

Unlocking the true potential of any team is understanding the keys to employee engagement. According to the 2017 state of the global workforce, a mere 9% of the UK workforce are deemed to be fully engaged, which means there is a potential 91% less than engaged. Applying the keys to engagement will empower your team, offer them a greater sense of purpose within the team, and vastly improve productivity. Our engagement programs will unlock your people’s potential as a team.

Do You Know How Engaged Your Team is?

There is only one way to truly understand the level of engagement within your organisation and that is to ask. In order to uncover the truth you need to have the confidence to ask the right questions and that can seem a little challenging. In the simplest terms if you are the busiest in your business, always on call for your people to answer every query or on speed dial for your customers. Ultimately you feel your people could do more then you need to know how engaged your people are. We can help …


The Engagement Multiplier

To make a change, you must first uncover the truth within your organisation. With a free account, you get a complete engagement assessment that delivers quantifiable scores and honest feedback, so that you truly know where your company stands and where to focus to make an impact right away.

Why Engagement Really Matters Now.

In a year where your employees have likely found themselves working in such unusual circumstances employee engagement is absolutely critical. Working in isolation, being furloughed, entering into a virtual working space, all the while dealing with the impact of a global pandemic has added a new level of pressure for any organisation.

Employee engagement is key to the success, sustainability, and growth of any organisation. Often the most significant expense in their business is the wage bill each month. Where it should really be an investment, every wage should directly contribute towards the revenue in the business. The point here is it can if you start to embrace the following key factor.

We Empowers Me

For the vast majority of employees, they see their employment as a means to an end, 9 to 5. They will often have a personal focus on the execution of their role with little or no deeper understanding. A focus on their role, ‘a ME focus’.

When a organisational culture shifts towards full engagement there will be the emergence of a WE culture. There will be a strong sense of unity, where strong relationships forge a real bond within the teams. High levels of competencies will prevail with the team members having wider regard for the roles of others. There will also be a deep understanding and investment in the organisational purpose.

Increased Engagement in as little as 12 Weeks

Employee Engagement will have a dramatic impact on any team and doesn’t need to be complex or lengthy. We also don’t support engagement training programs, whilst there is a place for them they rarely offer a long-lasting impact within any organisation. Our approach is one of creating a long-lasting,  sustainable behavioral shift. Your people will actually shift their beliefs in regards to their job.

Are you ready to engage your people?

Employee engagement is extremely accessible for any organisation and taking the first steps couldn't be easier. Arrange a call with us to discuss our programs. Sign up for the free engagement assessment and establish your score. Or both, either way, a simple call or assessment costs nothing but your time and will almost certainly have a massive impact.

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Other Programmes That Can Help You

Many Businesses don’t enjoy the value of having their own board of directors. The opportunity to have a protective shield for their business where the focus is towards the growth, profitability, scalability of the business. The functional board will challenge your business decision, keep you on track and make sure you maintain clarity and resolve on your direvction.

Leaders are more effective with...

Investing in Executive Coaching will have a positive impact on the organisation’s health. It will encourage and nurture strong cohesive behaviours within the leadership and wider organisation. There will be a directing impact throughout the organisation with clarity of purpose and clear communications. Executive Coaching goes beyond investment in an individual but rather recognises the impact which can be felt throughout the organisation’s development and future.

Increase the value of your business

Whether you intend to keep growing your business, sell it or pass it onto others, it’s important to understand what drives up or undermines your companies value. That’s where the value builder score comes in.

Clarity and Motivation

What is it you actually want in your personal life? More time, money or fun? You may be wondering what that’s got to do with your business plan? Well, your business exists to provide money to do the things you want and also give you the time to do them.

Business Alignment

Re-focus. Re-engage. Re-energise.

Engage & Grow will re-focus, re-engage and re-energise the most important asset to your business – your people. This programme is specially designed to create dramatic organisational change, training your whole team to move the business forward.

Engage & Grow

Accelerated business growth with...

Our signature programme and the most intense: results-driven coaching that any business owner can put to use. This programme is suitable for high quality businesses already experiencing steady growth, but with the goal to grow more rapidly. You’re probably working too many hours and your business would not survive without your constant attention.

1-2-1 Coaching

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