I Don’t Have Time for Coaching

Bull Shit! Sorry, don’t mean to offend anyone, as you can probably imagine I hear that excuse quite a lot. Saying you don’t have time for coaching is like saying I don’t have time to grow my business. I don’t have time to make a profit. I don’t have time to develop my team. Now I am fully aware and very tuned into the challenge and difficulties faced by business owners and executives. Time is almost certainly one of them. Now if you were to say I couldn’t work with a coach, then that makes sense. You would either need a mentor or consultant or already know what you need to do.

I Don’t Have Time for Business

There is probably more truth here. Not having enough time to do what you need to do as the business owner or executive. Being time-starved is probably closer to the truth. Now let’s be clear that doesn’t mean you don’t have time for coaching it just means you don’t have productivity measures and strategies in place. You are likely inefficient for a number of reasons.

  •  I’m the default setting for all the decisions from my team and customers. Probably on speed dial, and what’s more you always make yourself available.
  • Spend more time doing your employees work because it’s quicker if you do it yourself.
  • My team enjoy my open-door policy.
  • I’m always in meetings, which always overrun and don’t seem particularly productive.
  • I’m ill-disciplined.
  • Can’t say no to anything.

I’m sure I could go on. I don’t have time for coaching is an oxymoron, a real contradiction in terms. I’d bet that if you don’t have time for coaching you absolutely need coaching. You need someone to come in and offer a different perspective, to hold you to account and to help focus on what you should be doing. Not having time is almost self-indulgent, it’s allowing yourself an excuse to not succeed.

Find 2 Hours

If this short, but to the point article has resonated with you isn’t it time to do something about it. Here’s my challenge for you. Pick up the phone and call my office, ask the team if you could book a 2-hour coaching session with me (complementary) and see what happens. Now this isn’t about making friends, or having a catch-up or coffee (assuming you’re local) it’s about holding you to account. After a 2-hour coaching session you will know if you have the time and the impact it will have. Stop making excuses for yourself and getting in your own way!

Now there’s a challenging thought.