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What Is One On One Business Coaching?

This is our signature programme and the most results-driven coaching any business owner can put to use. Our one on one business coaching system is so solidly proven that we guarantee results for our clients. One on one business coaching accelerates your results, makes a real difference to your lifestyle and adds value to your business. Not sure why you need a High-Performance Business Coach? By having regular one on one coaching sessions we will unlock your true potential to help you develop attainable long-term goals and strategies for your business and life and ascend the entrepreneurial ladder.

Are you ready to Invest in Yourself?

One of the toughest challenges for any business owner is to ask for help, let alone a coach. taking a coach on is not a sign of weakness, it’s not a sign of failure, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Taking a coach on to support the growth and success of the business with you is a game-changer. Let’s face it, you’ll be hard pushed to find any successful sportsperson or team without a coach behind them. In fact, most successful corporations have coaching programmes to support their teams. If you are ready to make an investment in yourself then book in a call to arrange a free coaching session, it will be the best decision you make this year.

4 reasons to get in touch…

1. It’s a positive action towards achieving high-level accountability

2. Gain open and honest unfettered feedback

3. Step out of your comfort zone

4. Realise your true potential




If your are ready to invest in you, we are ready to invest in you.

The simplest way to determine if one to one business coaching will be a good fit for you is to give it a test drive. Lets face it you don't go and buy a new car unless you've taken it out for a test drive. Test drive your coach.

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What is one-on-one business coaching & how does it work?

One on One Business Coaching works in a similar way to any sports coach. A sports coach will observe from the sidelines the performance of the athlete or team. They will always be looking to identify performance-enhancing opportunities, to be on target to achieve the goals set and to always seek to push a little harder. They are the accountability agent, the voice in your head to always run more laps. In business, they will help to determine your true potential and attain the next level and new heights. If you want to achieve more in business and in life here’s how:

  • To ensure success, the one-on-one business coaching process starts with an alignment session to get absolute clarity on where the company is now and where you want it to be. The outcome of that drives the coaching programme.
  • The first stage of one-on-one coaching process is normally around mastering time to enable the Owner/Directors to have time to work strategically on the business.
  • The second stage is normally to review/set an outline of the business plan and set goals. The goals are explored and your coach will also look at personal goals to ensure the motivation and focus is rounded. One-on-one coaching sessions are weekly or fortnightly and because you’re probably spending the bulk of your time working ‘IN the business’, the focus for these sessions is working ‘ON the business’.
  • Beyond that, it depends on the company and goals set at the alignment.

Is this suitable for my business?

This one-on-one business coaching programme is suitable for high-quality businesses already experiencing steady growth, but with the goal to grow more rapidly. You’re probably working too many hours and your business would not survive without your constant attention. In other words, your business is not reaching its full potential.

These programmes are only for those fully committed to change and willing to embrace new challenges. These are the mindsets of the business owners who’ve achieved the spectacular results and award wins we’re so proud of.

One-on-one business coaching includes:

  • Weekly or fortnightly coaching sessions
  • Creation of clear action plans during each session
  • Quarterly 90 Day Planning Workshops
  • Full email and phone support, directly from your coach, between sessions
  • Reviews & critiques of your marketing strategies, management systems, sales processes, time mastery, recruitment systems and anything else that’s relevant
  • Complimentary “DISC” behavioural evaluations
  • Templates and tools to conduct key business activities
  • Access to our educational library including books, video education system, webcasts, whitepapers
  • Access to additional world-class training eg. Brad Sugars Annual Tour, Business Excellence Forum & Awards
  • Our absolute commitment to coach you towards your stated goals and hold you accountable for taking action to achieve them

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Do your people find their jobs fulfilling?

Employee Engagement is all about unlocking the potential of your people through developing WE empowers ME culture. A place where your team is passionate about the business and being part of the team. Truly engaged teams are more productive, have higher motivation, are great collaborators, and have higher self-worth. Being apart of engaged team results in a fantastic place to be.

Many Businesses don’t enjoy the value of having their own board of directors. The opportunity to have a protective shield for their business where the focus is towards the growth, profitability, scalability of the business. The functional board will challenge your business decision, keep you on track and make sure you maintain clarity and resolve on your direvction.

Leaders are more effective with...

Investing in Executive Coaching will have a positive impact on the organisation’s health. It will encourage and nurture strong cohesive behaviours within the leadership and wider organisation. There will be a directing impact throughout the organisation with clarity of purpose and clear communications. Executive Coaching goes beyond investment in an individual but rather recognises the impact which can be felt throughout the organisation’s development and future.

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Whether you intend to keep growing your business, sell it or pass it onto others, it’s important to understand what drives up or undermines your companies value. That’s where the value builder score comes in.

Clarity and Motivation

What is it you actually want in your personal life? More time, money or fun? You may be wondering what that’s got to do with your business plan? Well, your business exists to provide money to do the things you want and also give you the time to do them.

Business Alignment

Re-focus. Re-engage. Re-energise.

Engage & Grow will re-focus, re-engage and re-energise the most important asset to your business – your people. This programme is specially designed to create dramatic organisational change, training your whole team to move the business forward.

Engage & Grow

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In reality, failure to plan is a plan to fail and for many business owners, who are caught up in the day to day of their business, finding time to plan for your business can seem impossible. By the end of your first GrowthCLUB, you will have a clear picture of where your business will be in 90 days time and a step-by-step plan to get you there.


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A good plan is essential for an successful business. This interactive two-day programme provides you with all the tools necessary to write a 1- or 5-year business plan which is goal-driven, simple, and easy-to-follow.

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A comprehensive 12-month Business Growth Academy that builds a strong foundation around all the main fundamentals of business – sales, marketing, and much more. 20 group coaching sessions covering every aspect of growing and scaling your business.

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