Self Value ‘I’ Sation

It is sad to hear that when I start coaching a business owner, I learn that they work the longest hours, make most of the business decisions themselves and help their team out when they have countless priorities they need to complete already.

If you had to measure how much of your daily, weekly, monthly time is wasted, what would that look like? If you are that business owner where the business is solely dependent on you, you are probably very unhappy with your result. Instead, I am sure you would prefer to spend that wasted time with family, friends and your hobbies.

The lack of time you have is based on the value you place on yourself and your perceived self-worth. I am hoping that every business owner places a goal to become a leveraged business where they only work when they want to, not when they must. The problem is, many of us can’t get there because of inner thoughts such as ‘I can’t get my employees to carry out this task, I have to do it myself’ or ‘it will take too long to write out a leveraged manual’. To put it simply, if you don’t have the time or confidence to carry out these tasks, you will never have the time or confidence for financial freedom.



Therefore, changing your old ways will make a substantial difference to how your business will be run. Here are some tips to help you value yourself and embrace your self-worth

  • Put more trust in your employees. You have hired your employees so you can grow and add value to your business, while they carry out the delegated tasks. What’s more, your employee’s motivation and engagement will instantly increase when you have given them autonomy and empowerment to carry out tasks without your constant supervision.
  • Review your business plan- a strong business plan has a clear mission and vision statement. If you already have that, then that’s great. What you should be focusing on now is how you will delegate your tasks appropriately so that you are not running around in your business like a maniac.
  • Understand the value you bring to your business- every business owner brings different  values to their company, creating a unique business. Perhaps you are great at modelling honesty or have a great reputation for replying fast to your clients. Understanding the values, you bring to your business will help you make better decisions, help employees foster better teamwork and help them collaborate.
  • Utilize time mastery- we have 86,400 seconds every single day and once the day is over, it is gone forever. So, would you rather be pointlessly surfing through the web and completing tasks you are wasting your time on or investing your time elsewhere? Follow the 80/20 per cent rule, where you will only complete 20% of the tasks which will have the greatest benefit.

You can achieve anything you focus on. Concentrate on the things which bring you great results and happiness.

If you would like to learn more about how to become a financially independent entrepreneur, check out my 6 steps to scaling business webinar where I will give you an insight into what you must do to get there.

Have a productive day folks.